Paddy Byrne Airburn
Airburn E.P

The Coincidence
You know you want it
Boat Trip (All with need)
I'll be good in my next life

Airburn comes from Irish writer and musician Paddy Byrne. This is the beginning of his solo career after time spent in 'The Exiles', an electronic group. Airburn sees Paddy collaborate with other artists rather than having a set group to play with. Heavily influenced by the likes of the Chemical Brothers and Faithless, Byrne admits to trying to create a new (potentially commercial) sound, making a band friendly sound. This is a niche market he's trying to appeal to, but from this E.P I'd say he's overshot himself. The music, the second track in particular, ‘You know you want it' has a wider appeal, easily capable of crossing genres and markets. Full of layered vocals, this is electro-pop with added drumming and bongos. However, this is definitely a summer song about being free 'Bring to me the lunatic side of your mind' being perhaps the best line from the track. Easy to dance to and sing along 'I know you want it, I can see you want it' making up the chorus with faster layered voices interrupting.

The first track, The Coincidence, has a mildly Unite Tribe feel to it, the beginning in particular. 'I like the psychic moments, it shows we're all connected' The second half of the track 'The boys are going out tonight and taking every chance in sight' which at times reminded me of Manson's ‘Sweet Dreams'. Then the bongos take control demanding attention, before returning to the reprise.

The third track, Boat Trip (All with Need) was written by Byrne sailing down the Amazon River from Peru to Brazil, a time without corporate advertising and commercialism – an ideal world, 'a simply life, enticing. . . Amazon warrior'. Despite advocating a life of uniting with nature and living with the bare essentials, it is a complex song. The droning opening voice, the changing keys and varied instruments keep it interesting, but it may be an acquired taste.

I'll be good in my next life is a much darker song, coming across like the Pet Shop Boys collided with Wayne Static. The opening bars is somewhat the Killers followed by a dead steady beat, a constant under the more electronic sound clashing with the repetitive lyrics and darkly deep shattered glass voice. This track is about temptation and giving in to it, taken from a libertine's point of view, it characterises a selfish 'evil character' to be kept well away from your parents and girlfriends. I think we all know someone like that! The mangled and distorted guitar was an inspired concept that Dave Moran (from Sanzkrit) really pulled off. In the press packet I received, this track is describes as 'to give an electronic feel from hell'. It sounds like it's off the Queen of the Damned soundtrack, in my opinion, that's a very good thing!

All in all, Airburn delivers an interesting E.P mashing together electronics with band work and comes out on top with Groove Armada quirkiness and the solid foundations of Faithless. Let 'your energy flow straight through the world'

Download: You know you want it
Review written by: Grace Larkin --

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