View Hats off to the buskers
I t was suggested to me by my good friend and teacher, Ron, to look up 'The View', when I asked him about his favourite music.
At the tender age of forty plus, Im learning computers. Better late than never! As an exercise, and for a bit of fun, I decided to look them up on Google.
It was pretty late one night, and I just double clicked on anything that aroused my interest. The first thing I hit upon was a website, picturing some of their Cds, so I just double clicked on' Hats off to the Buskers', and one or two others, picking a song or two from each.

Before long, I was being swept into the world of Kyle, Kieren, Peter and Steve, crazy and cheerful, with a bit of everything thrown in. Sounds, comparable to The Buzzcocks, Oasis, The Beetles and the Jam, in a cocktail of amazing anthems, were bringing my humble kitchen to life!

One unforgettable song, with a very catchy beat, is 'Sitting on a log'. Its young and cheeky, with a memorable melody and nice change of tempo, when youre least expecting it. It has a good intro. Very original!

'The View' a band for the young and the not so very young, have late 70s/80 influences, coming through in their songs. I feel myself being taken through a time-tunnel, to the days of my own teens, the days of dancing around to Madness, The Boomtown Rats, Billy Idol, and anything else that had a rebellious ring to it!
We would happily trudge through rain, hail and snow, to the local hop, just to feel that certain buzz, that alcohol or drugs just cant substitute.

I love a singer who retains his accent. Kyle Falconner does this, adding his personality to each song. The slight tinge of dundonian, is so appealing and true. It is musical in itself.

'Same Jeans' has another one of those sudden changes of beat, half way through. As I listen to it, Im settling into the music, when suddenly, theres a jump from an easy, laid back rhythm, to a punky beat, that wakes you up, and makes you want to dance.
'Those Boys can play', is another of my favourites, with a real 'fun' element to it. You just know the lads are really enjoying themselves here. Theres a brilliant guitar riff, with a deep, gutsy sound going on.

Theres yet another style of song on the 'Hats off to the Buskers c.d. 'Claudia', a love song, definitely uses jazz chords that put it into a completely different category of music.
To be able to use such a range of styles, never boring the listener, to me is an unqualified type of genius. I have to smile at that wonderful gift, when I hear it, even from these boys who dont take themselves too seriously. Maybe thats the secret of real art through music.

According to the info I got from researching 'The View', they have had a lot of fun on the way to where they are now. Originally hailing from Drybugh, Dundee, the band formed at school, as a lot of bands do. They would play covers from 'The Squeeze', 'The Sex Pistols', and other 80s bands.

They began writing and rehearsing their own material, at the back of a local pub, 'The Bayview Bar'. There, they developed the unique, yet familiar style. Hence their name,
'The View'. Alas, after an incident involving wildboy Kyle and a scooter, on the Bayviews bartop, in high spirits, or high IN spirits, they were thrown out.
From there, they moved to a venue, appropriately name, 'The Doghouse'. 'Two Thumbs', a local Indie label, released their first E.P.
Former 'Rough Trades' A&R man, James Endeacott, got them the break that was eventually to lead them to their current success.

'The View', played support, at 'Primal Screams' recent tour, and also made their debut U.K. festival appearance, at Radio 1s big Weekend Festival, in their very own hometown, Dundee.

'Posh Boys cant play', is a great showcase for the lead guitarist, Pete Reilly. .The little snaps of lead he puts in throughout are superb .'Superstar Tradesmen' has a Paul Weller ring to it, with that guitar plucking style.

' Wasted lil D.js?' is a nice number, and shows a more sober side of 'The Views' genius. The ability to put together memorable music like this, proves theyre not just a bunch of clowns. Theres a sweet key change in this number, and a cocky drumbeat, to get you on your feet.
And I cant resist another listen!
Review written by: Angela Macari-O'Looney --

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