Una Healy Sorry
"I Love You"
"So Long"
"Had It With Today"
"Raider Of My Sleep"

Lighters out folks! A slow song to shuffle along to, "Sorry " is nicely paced with a very light guitar in the background, leaving it all up to Healy and her lyrics. Although the lyrics don’t actually rhyhme, they seem to. Every line is predictable, this can be seen as a good thing, predictable lyrics make a song easy to sing along with (I’m singing along right now). I can easily imagine this song being played in Grey’s Anatomy or some other such show. Not quite Titanic, but in the same vein.

Unfortunately the next song is also in the same vein . In fact, played back to back, they’re almost indistinguishable. " I Love You " has a slight R&B beat in the background, trying for an Alicia Keyes feel. But it’s so close to the title track that it is easily brushed aside, skippable if you will. Between the two, Healy comes across as a Christina wanabe, had the tracks been separated this effect would lessen, the 'oohs' and the high warbling would be less noticeable.

The third track, " So Long " , changes tack completely, going from Christina/Celine Dion to Ashlee Simpson/ Avril Lavigne. The clanging electric guitars at the beginning, while littered with ' Ahhhs ' , mark a complete change of style. The clash of cymbals and steady beat of the drums fuse with the topical lyrics; “I shop till I drop and drink till I drop?. The angry growl-like final chorus; “Why do ya keep me waiting so long?? places her in the realms of soft rock.

The fourth track, " Had It With Today " is a catchy upbeat song to bounce along to while putting on your make-up. I think everyone can relate to the lyrics; “I’ve had it with today/ I wish it were yesterday. . . It’s just one of those days/Where nothing goes my way?. This Ashlee Simpson - like song would make a good single for the young singer. Sadly, placed after " So Long " it seems to fade into the background.

But it was the final track that really grabbed my attention, " Raider Of My Sleep " . This track has an exquisite chorus, “Did I tell you about the raider of my sleep?? This may seem unusual, however the simplicity of the lines contrasts darkly with the ambiguity of the lyrics; “It keeps coming back and sticks like a knife/And when I think about it all I want to do is cry?. Compared to the other, more literal songs, this track towers over them, a fine choice for the end of her E.P, ensuring you continue to hum it when it’s finished.

Una Healy is not simply a Christina/Simpson hybrid; it is merely the arrangement of the tracks that produces this effect. The E.P is more like two units placed on a single disc instead of a single coherent E.P. " Raider Of My Sleep " is a futile attempt to merge these two styles, whilst it works for the song itself, the E.P lacks cohesion, something that works to the detriment of Healy. Her catchy lyrics, relatable songs and versatility are being wasted on a poorly arranged E.P. Without a set sound or style, it will be difficult for Healy to become what she obviously could be.

Review written by: Grace Larkin -- reviews@irishunsigned.com

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