The Citizen Paper Hearts E.P
This E.P came as something as a surprise to me.

I wasn't prepared for the whimsical lyrics of ‘Hold Tight’ (the first track) or the haunting vocals of John O' Connor. Then I was doubly surprised: The Citizen have made a mistake, they chose the wrong song to be their title track.

‘Paper Hearts’ is a wonderful track that certainly stays in the memory, but it is ‘Calvary’ that truly holds the listeners attention. With the scratchy vocals of Lisa Walshe and heart wrenching lyrics it is in fact the perfect blending of traditional music and classic rock that makes this track superb. The Citizen have an instantly recognizable sound that makes you want to hear more. As a whole the ‘Paper Hearts’ E.P is well presented with beautiful packaging, memorable tracks, intelligent lyrics and catchy melodies.

From the first track to the last (the aptly titled ‘Yesterlust’) The Citizen have created a genuinely good E.P. I give them too enthusiastic thumbs up. Get it.

Review written by: Grace Larkin --

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