linda coogan holding back
Linda Coogan is a rare talent amongst other singer songwriters. A musician who truly lives to play music. Linda not only studied as a luthier (musical instrument maker) but she also learnt to play and make many different instruments, which she collaborates in her raw and natural sounding music. Music is her life. It completes her. Her presence on stage is an energy that exerts its own force. Already appeared in a number of magazine write ups, and notoriously known venues and hotspots, such as the Sunday roast, the king kong club, eamonn dorans, the voodoo lounge , sin e and many more. GCN magazines 200th edition had her in their top 11 Irish artists and she was featured in their free downloads. Self managed and self funded Linda is set to release her debut album, Holding Back, this September, but there is little holding back for this woman. With a list of UK gigs already confirmed and guest appearances nationwide along with in store performances and radio interviews nationwide, Linda will demand the publics attention. Before heading off to the states in early 2007 to woo the audiences over there.
Even a preview listen to Holding back makes it obviously clear that Linda has something to give that is refreshing to the senses and soothing to the soul. Apart from her poetic lyrics and melodic instrumentation , there is defiantly an originality that exits when one hears her voice. Soft sultry and powerful to the senses.

Holding back focus’s on the bare, raw voice and songs of Linda . It is determined to deliver Linda’s raw and original sound– with the help of banjo and bouzouki undertones, melodic bass lines, acoustic and electric guitar and percussion. All set up in one big live room in studio, the overall sound gives the listener the feel of a live performance. The songs themselves see Linda showing modestly her untouched talent, while touching on the broadest of styles from jazz/blues, rock and folk, this blend brings a feel to the album that will lure in and gently ease anyone who listens to her sensual voice.

A. Lanigan

Review written by: aoife lanigan --

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