The Sullivan Brothers High
High by The Sullivan Brothers

One thing that can be stated categorically about this track from the former "You're A Star" competitors is that it won't offend anybody. As a sugary, summery pop-ballad it does exactly what it says on the tin. You'd expect no more, or less. From the muted guitars, to the formulaic drums via pretty good (but not awe-inspiring) vocals, "High" won't sound out of place on daytime radio and, given their provenence to date (let's be fair, "You're a Star" wasn't designed to uncover Ireland's answer to 'Nirvana'), it is fair to assume that this was their target.

The song itself is catchy enough, lyrically interesting, whether deliberately or otherwise, and although it could easily have been given more balls by setting the level of the instruments differently, it's fine for what it is. The most interesting part of the song is the introduction of a Harmonica solo midway through. The chorus is a love-it-or-hate-it humalong that youngsters (if Irish radio deems to play the song) will easily be able to access.

Ocasional female backing vocals, added to the lads voices, give it some depth but, all in all, it could have been better. If it was more ballsy, however, Irish daytime radio would never play it. There are vague hints of myriad pop-ballad exponents in the arrangements and vocals. The first name that popped into my mind as I listened was Rick Astley from way back when. Then again, my reference points have never been spot on. The song itself - especially in the chorus - reminds me of "My Favourite Waste of Time" by Owen Paul back in the 80's.

The second track on the CD, entitled "Walk" and written by the lads themselves, is similar in style and genre to the first, and even seems to have the same formula of muted guitars, keyboard backing and arrangements, minus the femal vocals and Harmonica. In fact, it can be difficult to remember which of the songs you're listening to.

The Sullivan Brothers may well have the ability to learn and grow with this one. An album release is planned for after the Summer and hopefully they will challenge listeners (and themselves) more on it.

They list rtheir influences as the likes of The Eagles, Crowded House, etc and you can hear this to a certain extent in the harmonies and vocal arrangements.
Review written by: Ron, IU --

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