Indigo Fury 4 track demo
Now the good thing about this section of irishunsigned is that any band can send in a demo regardless of the packaging.

A blank cd receives the same attention as a jazzed up cd cover with a sleeve, so anybody out there who is waiting for the right design, my advice is don?t bother.

That said, lets push on.

Indigo Fury. Good little band with some hooky guitar work and versatile vocals. Song 1 ? When You Have To Go? is a great way to start a demo, it draws you in and makes you look forward to the rest of it. Not very original, but you know what they say about "If its not broke...."

Track 1 was no fluke, this band can really rock as ?Say U Wannit? knocks you for six and shakes the walls. It?s a song which made it straight onto my brand new car play list and is the pick of the bunch here. Some very original vocal work and so good I had to listen to it twice. Any fan of The Kinks or The Faces will love this band.

The other two tracks were good too and varied in style according to the first two proving Indigo Fury to be a very good band indeed.

ps. look out for the lyrics in track 3, a cool little song with a bitter twist, handbags at five paces boys.
Review written by: Gary Baitson --

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