Texas Galaxy & The Delirium Introduction 2 track demo
Is that the name of the band or both the band and the cd, either way, it is a cool name.

Song 1 ?Lions? is ok. The best thing about it is it?s 70?s style guitar solos, not saying it?s a bad song, it?s just nothing new and unfortunately doesn?t excite me.

Well, only a little bit. Another verse and a chorus wouldn?t go astray though.

Track 2 is not what you would expect for a follow up to the first one. Although very professionally recorded, the name turned out to be the best thing about the cd. The arrangements do however remind me of a band I used to be in, now we were a good band. Straying from the point I know, but its 5:15 am and I need something to keep me awake and unfortunately this is not it??.zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz !!!
Review written by: Gary Baitson --

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