Mike Got Spiked 2 track demo
Now this is not what you would expect from an irishunsigned band. Funky Heavy Metal mixed with 50?s style music.

Utterly brilliant.

To say these lads had a good time producing this demo would be an understatement. With more unexpected turns and changes than a haunted forest, ?5 Second Heaven? is a fantastic song that almost leaves you speechless. Maybe on of the most original pieces of work I have heard ?5 Second Heaven? leaves you wanting more.

The second track in this 2-track demo, which is too short for my liking. ?Speechless? is a short trip back the wonderful world of ska, again mixed with heavy metal. Mike got Spiked really seems to be a great band and yet this demo is all I have heard of them. Get yourselves out there lads. I?ll come and see you.

Review written by: Gary Baitson --

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