Nemesis 3 track demo
The first song started off very good with an interesting guitar riff and exploded in the first verse. Good I thought, no sooner was the thought in my head as the song took a serious nosedive. I was just about to give up hope when the familiar guitar riff jumped out of the stereo at me. Great I said, but it didn?t last long as the song plummeted again.

Anyway, the point is that ?My Vacant Adeline? is a song that could be split evenly into a pretty good A-Side and a space filler somewhere round the B-Side.

On to ?Scarred? which straight away got my attention as ?something quite different? and thankfully stayed that way. A mish-mash of styles thrown into a melting pot and formed into a nice little number. The singers voice really lifts this song and almost puts Goosebumps on your arms. A hot contender for a serious play for the mainstream charts.

Track 3 aptly named ?Blind Satellite? is again a very ambitious song with plenty of special effects and cleverly placed instrumental pieces. Another very good song, not as boring as some of the other stuff on the market but reasonably drab. Some great guitar work towards the end really turns this song around.

All in all this demo from ?Nemesis? is very well put together with a couple of great tracks and I?m sure its one which will get the band the attention they probably deserve. Nemesis, are amongst a lot of other bands out there that have more than one demo in circulation but I have decided to review the bands rather than the individual cd.
Review written by: Gary Baitson --

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