Alistair Dont Lose It
2 tracks.

Now the thing to remember when the general public are reading reviews is that a reviewer like myself has a very hectic
and excitingly busy and fulfilling social life (yeah I wish) and generally listens to the demo's only once.

So taking that into consideration I just had to listen to Alistair's demo twice because I didn?t think that my first
reaction would justify the songs here especially "Don?t Lose It" which is a
good song if not professionally recorded. Some nice light guitars and cool
vocals set the scene for one of those songs which identify a band i.e.
"Alistair... oh yes that band who sing Don?t Lose It".

Not an unfair comment I feel, judging by "Return" which is more professionally recorded than the first but generally has no direction. The vocalist's performance
improves tenfold here but doesn?t inject the "vocal high" for very long. It does take a turn for the better at the end though. So if Alistair just cut the first minute and a half off this one it would be a good little rock song.

All said and done this is a well produced good 2 song demo which is what we
like to see.
Review written by: Gary (IU) --

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