Wonderland no title
3 tracks.

Wonderland are one of those bands who are slightly different than what the industry expects from a band but that does put them in the same category as about 100 or so other bands.

Wonderland do it a bit better than most of these bands though. "I Know I'll Shine" is a great song with vocals and music to match so I can't really fail this song at all as it is very easy on the ears and kept short too.

"Pandora's Box" is a nice boppy song reminiscent of Travis and Ocean Colour Scene. A happy little number to have you clapping and singing even if you do stay in your seat. The guitar does get a bit repetitive though

"Noah's Ark" is the last song on the cd and straight away reminded me of the music of Marc Bolan and David Bowie - nice and simple. You can tell these are very good musicians but could maybe find an improvement with a good producer. Not too badly recorded with some nice sing-a-long chorus lines mixed with some rock 'n' roll piano which I have not often heard on unsigned band's demos before.

Good work.
Review written by: Gary (IU) -- gary@irishunsigned.com

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