Blotooth No Title
Blo-tooth 4 tracks.

Track 1. Straight away this song sounded familiar, whether it was the opening chords to ?I've got you babe? or the keyboard sound on Sgt Pepper. Nevertheless it was extremely listenable. The use of vocals is very interesting and is hard at times to make out whether it is backing vocals or just double tracked. The sort of stuff you can lie back in the garden on a hot summer?s day and close your eyes and melt away.

Track 2. This started with a lulling and almost ghostly guitar riff which draws you instantly into the mind of the author. Unfortunately the lyrics are hard to catch hold of at times but still a captivating effort.

Track 3. This one is carrying on the theme of the first two tracks, not straying too far from the nest. The introduction of violins takes this from a ?normal? sounding song to a haunting song with the potential to be a classic. Well recorded with some nice melodies this is probably one of the stronger songs on the cd.

Track 4. This, now, is a bit more like it. Some slight changes and a bit of slide guitar and bob?s your uncle, a different sounding band, definitely, and defiantly, a song to look out for. This song in particular sounds like it?s been lifted straight from a Radiohead album. Another song very well recorded and produced, Blo-tooth would probably be one of the bands on the unsigned scene for younger and less experienced bands to look up to in some ways
Review written by: Gary (IU) --

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