Sheila Babikian no title
5 tracks,

The first thing I thought when I put this
cd in my system was I hope she is as good as her photo". I was quickly
disappointed "Candy Girl" the first of 5 songs here started off musically sound with some lovely melodies but died a quick death. A song about "him" and "her" and nothing interesting really.

"I Found Love", I think I have
already heard on a b-side of a Vengaboys cd or something. No, seriously: good use of vocals but a seriously boring backing track does not do the job.

"I Feel Love" is a bit more like it - a nice funky little number but it is lacking
a little something and loses interest half way through the song. Track 4 is
a little better though with good vocals once more - some nice ideas but I
feel Sheila should get a good band behind her to uplift her songs. They are
very well recorded and produced especially number 5 "The Weatherman" apart from the vocals.

You just cant win either way can you Sheila?
Review written by: Gary (IU) --

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