Midas no title
5 tracks.

The key to understanding other people's music is to realise that anybody who is doing something is at least trying but song 1 sounds extremely bland and is almost like Midas recorded it on their lunch break. Completely lacking in emotion and direction. Bare as knucles and basic as the times tables.

Track 2 isn?t much better as the lead singer needs a conviction injection but with some practise this song may actually be listen able.

Song 3 started off like a reprise to song 2 except with slightly better vocals that may be a lesson to the lead singer to stick to the slow songs. Some weird vocal effects did not work but on a whole it?s better than the rest.

Track 4 was moderately interesting as the front man struggled to release the singer inside of him. Normally if I was close to the radio I would have switched off by now. Unfortunately the music quality matches the production quality.

Not good.
Review written by: Gary (IU) -- gary@irishunsigned.com

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