Kudos no title
2 tracks.

For those Coldplay fans out there comes "Learned and Sad" the first of a 2 track demo by Kudos mimicked in every way down to the distant drums and soft peachy guitars.

Thank god it doesn?t last too long as
the music takes an unexpected direction before gently settling back into the
buxom of "Coldplay style" music.

Track 2 started off brilliantly keeping the
acoustic lovers amongst us satisfied. How disappointed I was as an almost
blatantly bludgered Coldplay guitar riff exploded the song in two. Having
said that now Kudos are actually a good band but should steal some originality rather than other bands music.

Production level is quite good and may be in the top half of the table when it comes to professionalism in the unsigned world.
Review written by: Gary (IU) -- gary@irishunsigned.com

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