Thin Ice Love Will See Us Thru'
2 tracks,

Now here?s a song close to my own heart. If you're an 80's fan and always wanted to write a song that Johnny Logan could bring to number 1 (sad I know) "Love Will See Us Through" will warm your soul.

Its a classic 80's type love song. You know the type - you lie on your bed
listening to over and over the first time you've been dumped. Every clich?
in the book is used here straight from the "smug" keyboard chords down to
the "ooh ooh" backing vocals.

Someone once said of this song that the first time you hear it you almost know what line is coming next is that good or
bad? I dont know. Not the type of stuff that your average Red Hot Chili
Pepper fan would listen to.

Anyway, on to Track 2 and what can I say. A cheesy karaoke cover of "Do You Love Me" slightly lowers the tone. Whatever Thin Ice were trying to do with this song just didn?t happen. Maybe the band is just too young to understand Rock'n'Roll but nothing better than you would hear your drunken uncle sing at a family re-union.

My advice would be to do some research and take another go - there is more talent hiding in there - I can feel it.
Review written by: Gary (IU) --

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