Red Twelve no title
8 tracks,

From the opening bass intro to track 1 I
thought "this is going to be exciting" but I was unfortunately proved wrong. There are however good bass good guitars and good vocals but the drumming sounds like it was done by my one armed rhythmless granny. The song goes
nowhere and not too soon the two and a half minute flop is over.

?Red Planet" is better in every way - fantastically weighted lyrics and melodic
guitar. It does however raise in my mind if perhaps nobody else?s the question "why does every second band out there try to sound like Radiohead?" Or is there some pasty faced whiney movement going on that I haven?t picked up on yet?

On to "Just Let Go" which as was track 4 a step backwards. I hate to isolate
one instrument but if it wasn?t for the bad drumming these songs would actually be listenable and dare I say interesting.

Track 5 is a classic pop-rock song straight from the stable of 'placebo' and 'suede' - nice melody and more passion than the other four put together but it could have lasted a bit longer for me just as I was getting into it it was over.

"Caught Inside" relies on heavy guitar riffs to save it from the bargain basket but on this occasion fails miserably. Track 7 named "Everything Falls Down" pushes more towards the softer side of rock and is better produced than the rest. Over-drummed but still good stuff. Overall the recording quality of the demo is excellent but Red Twelve should maybe stick to the softer aspects of their songs.

I was pleased that the cd finished with a stonker that could have almost been part of the Seattle throwback of the late 90?s a five-minute guitar filled instrumental showstopper. Good stuff.
Review written by: Gary (IU) --

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