Purple Monkey Dishwasher no title
8 Tracks,

Now on to the weird and sublime
This has all the hallmarks of a great punk album i.e. bad vocals distant
muffled guitars and drumming that sounds like its coming from the back

Track 1 sounds like a bunch of kids playing around their bedroom singing into a hairbrush. "Never Be A Fisherman" on the other hand is very
well recorded but in all honesty you wouldn?t know what to make of this.
Fair play to the Dishwasher for having a laugh and throwing in as many different styles as they could think of including fantastic reggae interlude as well as some funky monkey impressions. This is definitely a song to play when you need to be cheered up.

Track 3 starts off really great but after
"fisherman" I was expecting an explosion of the wonderful world of Purple Monkey Dishwasher. It didn?t come though and if re-worked this could be a brilliant song with some lasting effects and is probably the best song on
the demo.

Track 4 is the same story and is well on the way to being a great song although the production quality is rubbish here and indeed throughout the whole CD the overall idea does get through. Underneath the general
merriment and at times unprofessional behaviour is a great original band
clawing its way out. In desperate need of a producer.

Track 5 is a rock song that would tear the roof off most small venues. Good vocals and guitar (when you can hear it) and standard drumming. This song made me a genuine Dishwasher fan. There is nothing more I can say about this demo. Same story with tracks 6, 7 and 8: good songs but sounds disgraceful coming from my humble 100 watt speakers. A good producer would have a field day here but I would deep down recommend giving this at least one listen - that?s if you can get past track 2 without laughing yourself into an early grave.
Review written by: Gary (IU) --

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