Red Kid no title
7 tracks,

Here is a band which you could almost put into the category of "unique" as they are only one of the bands on the unsigned circuit that could win over any crowd that you put them in front of with
their funky poppy rock style of music. A constant smile in the face of the band carries through even the weaker songs like "I Believe".

Saying that, it is only weak when pitted against the other songs on the demo like "Memory Lapse", which is more the normal style of Red Kid. Great quality production packed with passion, with great rhythm, it displays the philosophy of the band.

"Rivers Edge" I couldn?t warm to. Vocals are too distant and the song just didn?t take the direction it should have but "Not Dead" brought back my happy mood. This is a very strong track with some jangley guitar, great lyrics, nothing too extravagant or over-complicated makes this song one of the greats.

Track 6-named "D.N.C.C.E.B." is a bit of a mouthful to say as I am sure the song is a mouthful to sing and is another in the long list of foot tappers from the Red Kid repertoire. Simplicity is the key to the success of these songs mixed with rocky melodies.

Another example of this is "No Reason"
which is probably the most universal of the Red Kid songs. Most bands can't
bring the "live buzz" through to CD but Red Kid come closer than the rest of
us and to be honest I could listen to them all night and as a result I find
some of the songs a bit on the short side.

If you haven?t seen them live then do so. Reasonable quality on this demo crammed with 3-minute masterpieces makes it a pleasure to listen to. Keep rockin'.
Review written by: Gary (IU) --

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