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3 tracks,

The Mainline were the winners of the 2001 battle of the bands and the following demo is what resulted from that

The Mainline are extremely musically talented if not at times a bit boring - which shows in these three songs. Track 1 may sound like the musical equivalent of walking the green mile but lets listen on shall we! Before I knew it three and a half minutes had passed and i was still waiting for the song to start. The 4 minute mark came before the song produced an unexpected drum attack for apparently no reason.

Track 2 is slightly better and actually has some structure and the way the instruments have meaning in the
song. The Mainline's sound comes straight from the "madchester" era and this track is a great example of a great time for music. Listening to this track
makes you wonder why there even is a track 1 on the demo.

Track 3 sits firmly on the fence between 1 and 2 with good musical quality but terribly bland vocals and melody. Some great guitar riffs attempt to revive this one but at this stage there is not much that can be done the damage is already
done and the epic song's fate is sealed. Does get a bit better towards the end and would maybe be a good song live but unfortunately doesn?t come across well on CD.

Good quality recording with some interesting sounds and effects puts this demo in the 50/50 section.
Review written by: Gary (IU) --

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