Wickerman A field of Holes
4 tracks,

Wickerman are not exactly what you would expect from an unsigned band and have a weird quality which mixes dance,
trance and rock which works well on the first track but does get a bit repetitive after a while only to be saved by some weird and wonderful sounds.

Too much of a repeated guitar riff and it would have been better if kept to a 2 minute sampler and not a four and a half minute expedition.

"Secretly Planning Ahead" is the second track on the cd and straight away does not work. It has some good ideas but is not thought through very well. Not bad vocals here but most of the weird sounds just don?t compliment each other in any way. My granny would be appalled at the colourful use of language used in this song, let me tell you!

"The Tripod" sounds like a million sad mid-European dance tunes made overnight on a "Tomy's my first keyboard". Kraftwerk-tastic NOT.

The last song, thankfully labelled "A
Silence is Born?, is a bit better and although is not up to any type of
standard is the best track on the demo - it uses some in-audible lyrics mixed
with a selection of 80's style keyboard techniques but still a new musical
direction is needed here.

Take heed don?t speed.
Review written by: Gary (IU) --

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