Sutras White Label Demo
4 tracks,

Well, what can I say about sutras that hasn?t been already said. One of the strongest unsigned bands on the scene the quality and professionalism hits you at 100 miles per hour with amazing production quality, especially in "Believe" - an amazing rock song that will have you holding on to your seat. The singer?s voice draws you into the music and gives you a taste of the world as Sutras know it.

"In God" is a great soft rock song that probably has Morrisey kicking himself that he didn?t get there first A great sing-along chorus once again draws you into the music, makes a nice simple song which doesn?t take long to grow on you and take over your CD play list.

"The Lonely Ones" however is a small step backwards but of equal balance with better quality music and slightly more adventurous but poor vocal performances all round. Slightly cheesy if you ask me. Nice song to visit but I wouldn?t like to live there if you know what I mean.

The last song here "Machine" is a song where I could never see the attraction.
Although I have a serious liking for piano music I just cant grasp the concept of "Machine" Great vocals though but if I had a remote control for this CD, the song would be history before the end of the second chorus.

Fantastic quality demo and very well put together with a couple of great songs but is that enough to make this a great demo. Heads or tails?
Review written by: Gary (IU) --

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