Jade no title
4 tracks,

The first thing you hear when you play this demo is cheese cheese and more cheese. A Bangles b-side at best.

I will hand it to Jade, though: they are great vocalists and definitely know how to use their voices to drag a song from the gutter. Track 1 is a good enough pop the chorus when it changes from a 'dairylea' jingle to a great song. Too much chorus perhaps and seemed to last for the remainder of
the song.

Track 2 is better and has some interesting vocal highs and lows before entering a captivating chorus. If you didn?t know better you would think these girls are made up of trained American vocal coaches from the American industry. Sort of a mix between Alanis Morrisette And Faith Hill.

"Beautiful Thing" is a song that a first time buyer would listen to with
interest to find out just where it is going to go from the classy intro. This song is a perfect example of Jade's knowledge of music and lyrics and how to make them intertwine All in all a bouncy rock song to have even the most seriously dance-impaired of us on the dance floor.

Track 4 however belongs far away on some cheesy pop star wanna-be's demo tape or more interestingly on a eurovision b-side.

Yet another good quality demo which gets the thumbs up but who's to know, I might change my mind as i think this demo has a great quality to the music and i feel it will grow and grow on a listner the more they listen to it.
Review written by: Gary (IU) -- gary@irishunsigned.com

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