Set in Stone Do It Myself
With their first ever full length release, Set in Stone display a mix of genres which is healthy to see for a band where the average age of the members is only 18.

The first song off the album, "miserable", typifies what the band are all about; inspiring, original and quality music. The opening riff is gloriously simple and effective. The song then explodes into a high-octane rock anthem with Shane passionately singing. Gary supports with unique style of drumming, not usually seen in the grunge genre, but he pulls it off with great success.

As the album continues with a blend of classic metal and rock riffs, haunting melodies and even an element of punk, as seen in "Satisfied". Lasting just under a minute and a half, "Satisfied" displays a unique quality that Set in Stone have; being able to cross styles and doing it effectively at the same time. However, Gary's drumming seems to overshadow all the other elements of this song, taking away from the beauty of the bass and guitar blending almost perfectly together.

The highlight of this album, is the amazingly inspiring "Mirror", where the band take a page out of Incubus's book by effectively using harmonies and melodies. Shane once again displaying a great talent for putting passion and feeling into the vocals while at the same time playing a melodic riff. Gary displays a great talent on drums by effectively using a double bass peddle and a complex style which before hearing this track, I never thought possible. Brian also pulls off his best performance on the bass on this album, giving much needed support to Shanes guitar.

It is easy to tell that this band are going places. Being so young as well gives them the advantage of being able continually strive for perfection. With numerous successful live gigs in Dublin under their belt, this band could soon become a huge success in Ireland's unsigned scene.

For only 10euro, this album is superb value and is a must for any supporter of the Irish music scene.
Review written by: -- Paul O'Connor

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