Rebel Pornstar
1 Pornstar; 2 Balls; 3 Butterfly; 4 Yes, it's good

I'd never heard of Rebel before this arrived on the mat (well, in the PO box, but you know what I mean) and I am not 100% certain I want to hear from them again. It's not that the CD is crap - far from it. The opening track is reasonable, even the words. The chorus goes "One thing is plain to see, she could be a porn star". Now, I don;t know about you, but if I tried that compliment on my better half, I'd not have to worry about what to get her for Christmas any more.

The musical style is sort of pop/rock, with the production geared more towards pop than rock. Think of the Revs version of "Turning Japanese" and you're nearly there. Nothing overly special aboth the songs (as there usually isn't in demo's and early releases.

The chorus of track 2 ("You don't know me" repeated 4 times) is a catchy enough bit but the rest of the song lets it down, unfortunately.

The beginnig of track 3 is almost Countr music-like with a "Green Day" twist in the vocal style. It gets going in the same manner as "Best days of your life" by Green Day. The song is, it appears, a love song, and it does it's job well enough. The guitar plucking in/behind the chorus, and there's some nice backing vocals on it too. It just didn;t make me sit up and pay any more attention than I was already, and I think that may be because I was put off by the way it was poroduced to sound (perhaps with radio in mind)

I wasn't in the slightest bit impressed by the last track. The vocals sounded like they were recorded in a different room than the microphones. In fact, the backing vocals seemed louder than the lead vocals, and when the guitar solo came in I could barely hear it. The song has very little going for it (in my mind) so will probably end up being a smash-cult classic...

One other thing: I *hate* having to sit for around ten seconds at the start of every song before they get going. The amount of CD's we listen to dictates that we won;t wait around for too long. If I was being paid for what we do (yes, it'a ll voluntary) then I might have a moral obligation to wait, but we're not paid so I don;t usually. The only reason I did this time was that I was on the computer updating the website anyway, so it was no great hassle. Record company execs, buoyed by their own sense of importance, won't wait. Simple.
Review written by: Ron, IU --

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