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Online Music Venue

PRESENTS will be the world’s first live online music venue, broadcasting around the world, seven nights a week, 365 days a year, to anyone with an interest in music. Our stage offers young emerging artists a worldwide audience, never before afforded them, as well as offering the music fan an unprecedented line-up of talent delivered into the comfort of their own homes.

Our aim is to develop, and foster an online community of music fans, musicians, and industry movers and shakers, and render obsolete the roundabout process of picking and choosing which gigs to check out, according to an individual’s taste.

The already massive online music fraternity has been building for some time now, a fact evidenced by the growth of sites such as and, which have been quick to fill a void, and allow themselves be utilised as marketing tools by their users. No-one however, has thus far tackled the live music marketplace, and facilitate the live streaming of raw, live music on a consistent basis. This means that young artists, whilst now having a forum within which to showcase their wares, are still confronted with the traditional problems of convincing an audience to physically come to their gigs. Whilst enjoying a never-before seen level of pre-gig marketing, bands still have to convince potential fans to leave their homes, and physically come down to a venue for a gig.

For a fraction of the costs involved in playing in more established venues, with small crowd capacities, and no follow up, bands can play on our stage, interact online with their audience, and achieve revenue from the follow-up sales of the performances. Immediately after each gig, any questions fans may have for the group will be put to them, live, and on the air. Once the broadcast is finished, the footage will automatically enter our database, where individual tracks, as well as entire performances will be available for download, either to a computer’s hard-drive, or direct to a user’s phone, the proceeds of which will be split with the artists concerned.

Coming soon to a PC near you.........................

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