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contact name:Martin Davey
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Recording Studio

Situated in Castlebar, Co. Mayo A1R Recording Studios is 30m from IWAK (Knock Airport) and close proximity to Castlebar's many pubs, restaurants and night clubs.
The studio is designed around classic Analogue and Digital equipment. We have two Otari Radar Professional 24 Trk Digital Multi-track recorders and a Protools Mix plus 24 Tdm Rig running off an Apple Macintosh G4 Computer.
This is the professional TDM Version of protools and not the Consumer LE 002/003 Versions.
Our outboard equipment has been hand picked for its sonic capabilities and its' track record. For example, the Lexicon PCM 70 has appeared on more commercial recordings then any other Reverb
and the same can be said for the Eventide Harmonizer.
Protools Tdm Is the industry standard with all its processing taking place on Core and Farm PCI Cards and not reliant on the Computers Processors. Digidesign ADAT Bridge allows transfer of any Otari Radar
track via Light Pipe to protools for editing.

We also have a good selection of Microphones : AKG C414, AKG C1000,Shure SM58,SM57 Sennhieser MD421 and Neuman U87*.
A1R Recording studios is ideal for both artists wishing to demo new material and experiment with new sounds and equipment or artists wishing to Block book the studio for recording an album. Resident sound engineers?Producers
can be appointed to commercial album recording or artists may bring their own team of engineers/producers.
The Studio consists of a large control room 15ft x 20ft and a main recording area of 17ft x 20 ft. Also on site, we have an isolation room for load amps.
The comfortable surroundings, relaxed atmosphere and professionalism found in A1R makes it an ideal place to work.

The studio is equipped with a Rest area complete with satellite &26" LCD tv, Sony playstation, DVD and tea/coffee facilities.
Contact Us for special rates and Quote Code: Unsigned I 01.

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