17.10.2003: Hazel hits the top 10:Ron, IU

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Hazel Kaneswaren's debut solo single "Heartbreak Valley" debuted nicely into the charts at No.9 on it's release. Many thanks from Hazel, and from us at IU, to those of you who either bought it or requested it on the radio.

The song has been getting a lot of airplay of late and has ended it's second week on release by hanging on in there at No.13 in it's second week of release.

As we type (22. Oct) it looks like the single will spend another week in the top twenty as it is currently 17 in the mid week charts.

Three weeks in the top twenty, including one in the top ten, is pretty good going for any release without "industry backing" but it does show you what can be achieves so go for it...

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