15/07/04: Is this website a con?:

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Here's a message that was sent to the IU News section (as it is, of course, 'News', in the writer's mind)

"What's the story with this website. The promoters held an event in the Sugar Club earlier this year on the pretence of putting a cd together. Instead, they have disappeared with, presumably, lots of free CDs from different bands?"

- And another one

"Bad form guys? We wen't to the bother of turning up and preparing CDs - you could at least give us an update. "

Free CD's? These were, it has to be said, primarily Demo CD's? Want them back? We have a collection of Demo CDs totalling around the 500 mark. These few won't make much difference! As for the number of CD's received, check out the previous reply to the same subject. We did, by the way, post a notice explaining that the site would be inactive for quite some time. And we won't apologise for not being able to fulfill our intention to release "Scene Unheard Volume 2" due to the lack of effort on the part of the bands out there. Maybe we should have visited all their houses instead :-)

As for the Sugar Club gig, collection of possible submissions for our second compilation was only incidental to it: we were, if anyone who turned up will remember, trying to organise a kind of get-together for bands, and assorted "industry" companies such as recording studios etc. Anyone who went simply to hand in a CD did it for nothing cos CD's could just as easily have been posetd. The details were, after all, on the site ;-)

- Ron, IrishUnsigned

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