15.02.2004: New site additions on IU:Ron, IU

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We have added a couple of new additions to the site. They are currently up for testing and if you have any comment on them, please get in touch.

First, instead of adding a forum, we added a collection of forums (fora?) from other sites. This is to avoid the possibility of splitting the already-vibrant discussion forums on the other major music-related sites. The link is in the menu-bar entitled "Discussion"

Second, we filtered an "Music" section, where the song files entered by all the Artists on the "Artists" section are collected alphabetically by Artist. This saves the necessity of scanning through all the images and bios etc if you just want music. See the menubar link entitled "Music".

Third, we added a "Video" section. There are a small number of videos in the section already. Naturally, we expect more to be added as time progresses, so send us details of videos from your band etc. Click on "Music" above and then select "Videos"

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