10.02.2004: Publicity and PR service:Ron, IU

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Having been speaking to a few bands, a few business people and a few PR people, we have come to the conclusion that there is a bit of a niche in the market for a PR outlet for bands at this level who cannot afford to pay some publicity company 2 or 3 grand in the hope they might get a mention in some local radio show. We have decided to offer such a service if there is demand for it. IrishUnsigned will be in a position to 'plug' or 'push' a band or a release, and will not charge huge amounts of dosh for the service. Before we look at the structuring of such a service, we would like to know if it is something that grass roots, indie, DIY bands etc would require. If it would be of interest to your band (or one you know of) please let us know.

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