17/06/2003: Scene Unheard hits the shelves:Ron Healy

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The first IrishUnsigned compilation release, called "Scene Unheard - Volume 1", is released on July 4th 2003.

First of many, it is set to generate much-needed exposure for many grass-roots Irish musicians and bands who can sometimes find it difficult to compete with the institutionalised industry we have in this country.

The CD has a total of 18 tracks, a video and an interactive animation as well as on-CD biography and contact information for every band (available by inserting the CD into a computer).

The CD retails for €10 in the Eurozone, $10 in the USA, and stg£7 in the GB/NI regions.

Online purchases can be made from www.roadrecs.com (Road Records, Ireland and Europe) and www.goodspacemusic.com (GoodSpace, United States and Canada) or direct from IrishUnsigned.

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