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CAPTAiN CROTCH - Cork. (Rock)
086 3749225

This band started out as a 3 piece jamming in a horse shed in Bantry. They were known as 'Square One'. In early 2004 they started jamming with a drummer called Bill. They became Captain Crotch.

The band has recorded 2 demos. The first one was recorded in DATA Recording studios, Carrigaline, Co Cork. It was mixed by Ross O'Donovan.

The second demo was recorded in Blue Monkey Studios, Bandon, Cork, where 13 songs were recorded in one day.

I wouldn't easily categorize the music we play. The band has many influences ranging from Madness to Black Sabbath to Gong to NOMEANSNO to The Hives as well as Primus.

While the band is happy with the demos they don't capture the essence of the band which can only been experienced live.
Tracks available for download (if any):
My own idol