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the remain - . (Pop/Rock)

The music business is not something you should enter lightly. It has torn talent to shreds, ingested it and shit out the remains far too often to be unwary.

These remains are however sometimes the stronger for it.

The Remain first stepped forth on this rocky road when singer and guitarist Sean Kavanagh and bassist Russ Keogh decided to once more enter the fray. The two have a long-standing musical partnership that extends back to their schooldays. After a break of a couple of years, the two renewed the partnership late in 2001 and have been consistently writing and rehearsing since then.

Their self-titled EP, released in 2002, began to generate interest, and hinted at the bands burgeoning potential. The three songs on the EP were only a taster of the material that the band has in supply and showcases their more reflective side.

In early 2003, with the addition of drummer Justin Maloney and lead guitarist, Conor Byrne, known to all as Dan, The Remain have evolved and progressed, both musically and as a live act.

With the song "Normal People" having won Hot Press magazine's Song Of The Fortnight, The Remain have since been into the studio to record as a four-piece. The impressive results of these sessions were released on the 26th of May 2003 in Eamon Dorans and will be available at

With four such diverse characters and even more diverse musical influences, the sound of The Remain draws from many sources but forges a unique signature of it's own.

Tracks available for download (if any):
Butterfield Road
Normal people
Rock 'n' Roll