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Richard Hiorns - . (Melodic Pop/Rock)
091 863 873

Richard Hiorns has been writing songs and performing them for about 20 years in Ireland, England, and the U.S. He recently finished his 6th album 'Pieces of Earth' which he has independently released. All of the CD's are made at home entirely on a desktop studio and he plays most of the instruments himself. These include 12 string guitar, bass, harmonica, keyboards, drum programming, and of course, vocals.
When performing live he generally plays solo with just 12 string guitar and vocals. He has a back catalogue of hundreds of songs covering a range of styles and moods, and is constantly writing new material.
He returned to Ireland in 2003 following five years in the States and is currently based in Galway.
Tracks available for download (if any):
Never lonely
Aint that pretty
I got a key