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Tailor Made Project - . (Alternative Rock)

Tailor Made Project was formed in 2001 with the meeting of Colm (guitar) and Keith (bass). A few changes of band members occurred but with a stable line up and a collective ?YAAH!" the band began constantly rehearsing, recording and writing new material and also gigging relentlessly.

Within 2 months the bands set-list had increased by no less than eight full new songs. The numerous gigs have gone down a storm, receiving a great reception from crowds of all ages and musical preferences, and the fan-base is increasing dramatically.

September 2003 was the dawn of the new evolution of the band as former members of the band Tokin' joined Tailor Made Project. Lucy Gunning took over as lead vocalist and Mick Earley joined Colm to create a formidable and inspirational guitar sound

Tailor Made Project hail from Dublin and Mullingar, Co. Westmeath

Lucy Gunning: Vocals and Electrifying Stage Presence
Colm Russell: Guitar/Backing Vocals & Struggling Artist Syndrome
Mick E-Vangelistic: Guitar/Backing Vocals & the Fiery FX From Hell
Gavan Murray: Drums & Understated Coolness
Keith Nolan: Bass and Twisted Visions

Tracks available for download (if any):
Unwanted dreams (live)
Hostility (live)