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The Beautiful Losers - . (Atmospherics)

The Beautiful Losers were formed in mid 2001 by then school friends Tom Boland (guitar), Eric Dolan (bass), and Tim Cassidy (drums). After having spent several of their early months hidden away in rehearsal rooms, the fledgling band's material began to take shape. The only component lacking at this time was a vocalist who could complement the band's sound and elevate it's overall intensity.

Boland, Dolan and Cassidy placed an ad in a Dublin music shop seeking a vocalist with influences ranging from Smashing Pumpkins and Nirvana to Jeff Buckley and Bob Dylan. After a small string of unsuccessful candidates, the band were finally contacted by Brian Kelly (vocals) who auditioned and completed the line-up in late 2001.

From there, rehearsals began in Ernest, with the newly named "Beautiful Losers" - a nod to the legendary Leonard Cohen - grabbing every spare moment to practice and hone what was to become their trademark sound: soaring vocals and melodies, contrasted by full-on energetic and edgy rock. In early 2002 the band made their first outings in the live arena, playing a number of shows in venues across the city centre and recorded their first demo, songs from which were featured on Phantom FM's top-ten most requested tracks list later that same year. Having built a small following from their live gigs and involvement in the DA2 battle of the bands, The Beautiful Losers were offered supports from other bands in the locality, such as The Revs, Turn and Otranome.

One of The Beautiful Losers' tracks, "Relapse" was recently featured on the Gigsmart Unsigned compilation CD which reached number six in the Irish charts. The band performed to a packed in-store in Tower Records to promote the CD, and also played support to Otranome at their EP launch in Temple Bar Music Centre on 26th June.

Now in their twenties, and with three quarters of the band members finished college, The Beautiful Losers stepped things up a notch with the release of their debut EP "Last Dance of the Pagans" on Friday 15th August. An Independent release, the four-track EP features two brand new songs, and two of the band's live favourites and is availible from Tower Records and Raod Records priced 3.99.

Tracks available for download (if any):