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phone: 0871233318
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Wishbox was formed as a 2 piece almost 3 years ago as an acoustic outfit with Anthon on lead vocals/guitar and
Paul on lead guitar/backing vocals.

After a first demo was recorded , "ears for the silent", it was felt that bringing in a bass player and drummer would take the songs and band to the next level, this proved the case, when in nov. 2002
Dave was brought in on the bass and in sep. Of 2004

Aidan was recruited on drums. In the short space of time since the band became complete they have gone from
strength to strength.

So far the band has played gigs mainly around the south eastern region of Ireland and have been using these gigs to pick the songs they plan to release on their forthcoming EP as yet untitled. When the band have not been giging they have been busy doing
interviews with irish radio stations and newspapers, and also writing new material.

The band hope to follow up the
release of their EP with an irish tour followed by some uk
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