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Swanee River is a powerful blend of soul, blues and rock and roll.

Hailing from the city of Derry, they began in September 2004 and drew their influences from a range of bands including Free, Led Zeppelin, Spencer Davis Group, Rory Gallagher, Humble Pie and Terry Reid.

Their rise to prominence in the Irish music scene was nothing short of exceptional, and extremely fast, winning the northwest final of the Global Battle of the Bands within a matter of weeks of their existence and then going on to the all Ireland final to come sixth out of 300 bands.

After this early success in 2004, 2005 saw them launching into an incredible gigging agenda in their home town of Derry and later in their adopted city of Belfast to set their mark amongst the original music scene. Within months they came out somewhere in the top of the pile of numerous Derry bands, creating a stir amongst local journalists and promoters in both Belfast and Derry.

In 2005 alone they have played somewhere in the region of 60 – 65 gigs including playing in Derry, Donegal, Belfast, Lurgan, Downpatrick, Warrenpoint, Dublin, and Killarney in such venues as – The Empire Music Hall (Belfast) The Spring and Airbrake (Belfast), The Irish National Events Centre (Killarney) and also headlining the prestigious Nerve Centre (Derry) twice this year. In august 2005 they also got to headline the Temple Bar Music Centre in Dublin which has started the ball rolling for their fan base there.

They have also been featured extensively in the press including the Derry Journal, the Derry News, the Irish News, Alternative Ulster, Radar Magazine and the Evening Herald (Dublin) receiving raving reviews from all papers/magazines.

On top of this, their debut release ‘Back to the Handlebars’ has been played flat out on the airwaves on a host of radio shows throughout Ireland including Downtown radio, RTE Radio 1, Radio Ulster ATL (including interview and feature), Maiden city fm (Derry local) 107fm (Ballymena local – interview and feature) and QUB radio.

Their groovy soulful feel to their music has captured the incredible following they now have and made people realize again that it’s ok to like rock and roll!!

Their assault on the Irish music scene is unrelenting as they now plan for the year 2006 extensive tours of the whole of Ireland, and are set to release their second E.P. in June ‘06.

Swanee River short promo biog – December 2005

Press clippings

- ‘Swanee River have actually perfected that old fashioned rock and roll pre-Zeppelin sound, succeeding in tricking their audience into believing they’re at a real rock concert in the 60’s, loud proud and rather sexy too’ – Juliann Campbell, Derry journal, May 2005

- ‘absolutely rockin’, the best local release this year, fantastic’ – Maiden City FM 106.2 April 2005

- ‘it flirts between Cream and The Small Faces….its a while before they realise what a monster they’re capable of…Stevie Horner recalls Rodgers, Marriott and even early Clapton with his range and phrasing’ –Eamon P. Keyes, Fastfude NI Music scene, CD Review, April 2005

- ‘The songs, while never straying too far from their hard-driving bluesy roots, are another of the band’s strengths, showing a maturity and relative complexity that keep them interesting and leaving you wanting to hear where things will go next. The feel good fun of ‘There Ain’t Nothing Gonna Stop Me’ and the laid back Texan swagger of ‘Travelin Man Super Band’ are the highlights for me…. Full of bounce and balls, if you like your blues rock-hard, take a trip down the Swanee River’ –Tony Talbot (Head of Music Production N.W.I.F.H.E. ex NIMIC), a CD review for the Derry Journal. May 2005

- ....this is definitely a band to keep an eye on, I can see Swanee River getting loads of airplay, selling truck-loads of albums, filling arenas and headlining festivals well beyond these Irish shores in just a few years time. Great rock'n'roll, lads - I can't wait to hear more! - Rachel Blech, music broadcaster - RTE Radio 1

- Swanee River are one of the best bands around…..they blew me away… there a tighter band out there? I don’t know. – Jonny Hero, Downtown Radio August 2005
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