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time machine
long enough dead
the mornin light

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contact name:russ ryan
phone: 087 2529251
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reverie are an acoustic duo hailing from Mayo & based in Kilkenny. made up of Russ Ryan , Myra Walshe session percussionist Stephen Dwane. Russ and Myra have been pluggin away for the last 2 and ½ years and have just finished their first album"faded window’s" recorded at Dwansound studios on the banks of the river Moy in Ballina, County Mayo

Some recent reviews include

The songs are all of such high quality, so well polished, that picking the highlights comes down to subtle personal tastes or the nuances of each song. Ryan's vocal style is ''husky'' but distinct , a welcome quality in the world of bland chart popular singing. Myra's vocals reveals a voice as distimctive as her writing partner.

Robert Cullen '' the Sligo Weekender''

As a debut album album '' faded windows'' represents a true labour of love and a breakthrough opportunity for reverie, the album has a live feel and an accoustic sound that maintains an air of stage performance as apposed to the glossy over produced offerings of mainstream musicians, with moody harmonies reminiscent of badly Drawn Boy meetiing a very mellow Paddy Casey. Myra holds her own with precisely penned lyrics, unusual melancholy voice and haunting harmony. She is a welcome discovery and has potential to stand out amidst the female voices of modern genre ........ Orla

Murphy ''' the Scene ''

Russ and Myra blend their individual styles perfectly to produce a facinating musical journey that is both moody and inspiring

the ''Western People''

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