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red sirus originally formed in October 2001 as a musical project. After spending a year of sporadically working to gather up material, and find a suitable and permanent line-up, it seems our patience has paid off. The current (and permanent) red sirus line-up have been together since October 2002. In february of 2003 we recruited a violin player and the red sirus line up was finally complete.

Our first demo was recorded at home in late October 2002. It carried us to the final of the ?Demo Listen Derby? competition on BBC Radio Ulster?s Across the Line program. That very spot on the radio generated alot of interest in the band from both industry and the public. In December we re-recorded the demo professionally and titled it ?Cerro Tololo Sky?.

Our Influences include Mogwai, Redneck Manifesto, Nick Drake, Foo Fighters and Radiohead to name but a few.

We have played at many venues around Ireland including The Rag Ball @ Queens University, The Mandela Hall (QUB Student?s Union), The Belfast Empire and Eamonn Doran's in Dublin. We have also played many gigs in our 'home' town of Ballymena as well. In April 2003 we were invited to do a showcase for IMRO at Katy Daly?s (Belfast).

We have been getting quite a bit of media attention aswell. With features, interviews and reviews in the likes of The Irish News and Hotpress. As well as that, we have done interviews and sessions for BBC Radio Ulster and reached the latter stages of competitions on both BBC Radio 1 and Radio Ulster, both of whom give us quite a bit of airplay.

Through intense gigging and song writing, we have amassed an ever extending fanbase, which includes the likes of Therapy? front man Andy Cairns.

Check out our website for up to the minute news.
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