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prospekt k. Since winter 2007. Based in Dublin Indie | Alternative Rock | Electro-Rock
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Natural selection
Gone for days

Members: 3
Members Names:
Stuart Connolly -guitar,vox. Eoghan Dalton-Bass.David Keane-drums.
joy division, echo and the bunnymen, manic street preachers, depeche mode, interpol, the smiths, tears for fears....etc

contact name:Stuart Connolly
phone: 086 3059903
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First of all I have to point out that this band has just become a full unit,three weeks ago.So needless to say were anxious to get going.We all come from small towns down the country and have all faced similar musical frustrations.As in, most gigging bands in our neck of the woods play nothing but stale old classic rock,without deviation,experimentation or any semblence of an open mind.
Were all into strong passionate music,wether it be indie,dance,rock or mowtown.Melody and drive are the ingredients that unite our tastes.Were all feeling a bit tired of the current musical climate though.Although there are some terrific bands around,Real caustic agression and angst seem to be all but absent,or only portrayed in the form of singer/songwriters.Im talking about intelegence and pain,nihilism, negativity,occasional manic happiness,in the form of an energetic live full on band.the likes of Holy bible era manics,joy division,smiths,nirvana,echo and the bunnymen.
Im full of music and pain and I need to let it all out.
much obliged,Stuart Connolly
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