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Beautiful lies
I'll sail away
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Morph have been around in one form or another for the past seven years, formed by guitar playing brothers Richard and Stephen Stewart. But it is really only the past three years that has seen the bands sound evolve to what it is today. Unique, mature and confident song writing, fuelled by a diverse range of influences has lead to a catalogue of songs that could happily sit in a number of genres.

In that time the band have built up a reputation as a compelling live act, with a series of very successful gigs across England, Ireland and Scotland. A reputation reinforced by appearances on UK and Irish television and radio shows.

Collie Stewart's smooth and soulful vocals are an instantly recognisable strength of the bands sound. The rest of the band creating just the right atmosphere for his beautiful melodies, whether it's the haunting, reflective ambience of "Streetlife", the sparkling folk strains of "Freedom" or the pulsing rhythms of "Lonely Friend" and "Butterfly".

In recent times there have been collaborations with other musicians, artists, sculptors and film directors on a number of projects. The most notable of these being with film student and director Simon Miller to create the award winning short film/music video "Lazy".

Their self financed, and self produced, full length album "morphsville" is on release across the UK from September 2003, available from Virgin Megastores and Amazon online retailers.

Not resting on their laurels, the band are currently arranging a series of gigs across the country to promote the album and work has begun on a new batch of songs with a view to recording a second album.

Morph and their music will be around for some time to come...
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