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What Up Dublin!! Im 21 years old and have been rapping, ragga chatting and garage mc'ing since I was bout 13/14 !! Im now 21 and have done a few pirate radios in the UK London my hometown!!! I now live in Dublin and feel that there not ready for me!! I've been to bear open mic nights in Voodoo, Slatterys, Eamon Dorans, Isaac Butts, n Living room with Dj eddy and that but I aint feeling the vibes! Just trying to save up and get my shit produdced!! I aint looking for anything off anybody but you wannna hear my tracks then call me or email me and we'll chat!!

See my ryhmes is too heavy, too heavy for this lil city, city good but pretty shitty and fuck it I dont care if y'all dont feel me!! coz I been to the gutter and now Im back and I making you say dis gal is whack!! rat a tat tat dats how i got it, you know Ihow much I want it if you on my side then I got your back!!
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