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james o toole and band. Since 2006. Based in Dublin Alternative Rock | Indie | genre
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Members: 3
Members Names:
james o
jeff buckley, muse, lennon, bowie

contact name:madeleine johansson
phone: 087 2421531
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the core of this act is dublin street musician james o'toole, who in the last year, has been joined by conor friel on bass and after all kinds of mayhem enda roche on drums....
we've played france, germany and tonnes of gigs in ireland this year...
we released our debut album 'twentyfirst century man' earlier this year and charted with the single 'sorrow'...
january 2008 sees the release of the single 'in light' and a gig in the crawdaddy to launch it!
james's vocal range brings comparisons to jeff buckley and the songwriting to bowie and the band sound a lot heavier, once described as 'if buckley fronted the smashing pumkins'...
the album contains some beautiful string led songs and some moments of heavy alternative rock, the songs showcasing a broad church of influences...
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