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She's Close
Another One
Confused & Stoned Again
The Traveller's Waltz

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Hunnilingus are:

Michael Dillon - bass/vocals
Mark Dillon - drums
John Donnell - guitar

Hunnilingus were formed in Ballymena in 2002 by brothers Michael and Mark, later recruiting Antrim man John to complete the line-up.

Hunnilingus aim to bring their brand of guitar-based rock to those people who are looking for something more than the current wave of Pop Idol-esque chart fodder. Their sound could best be described as an eclectic mix of rocked-up acoustic tunes, chock-full of melody and augmented by delicate harmonies. On stage the boys generally adopt a ?heavier? sound than on CD, which suits their energetic live performances.

The boys wish to thank MadEar Productions for all their help and assistance in the creation of their new demo, Good News Everyone. At present the band are breaking into the Belfast gig scene with recent appearances at the Empire, Katy Daly?s, The Pavilion, and QUB Mandela Hall.
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