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flinders. Since Dublin. Based in Dublin Indie | Singer/Songwriter | Blues
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Boxes Burning
Running Start
Kinking an Open Door
Mean Man

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Mogwai, Iron and Wine, Slayer, Miles Davis, Madonna

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In 2000, Flinders first visited a recording studio, recording some original tracks which he had written while travelling around Australia the year previously. Playing a mix of acoustic and electric guitars, he began to conceive an idea of music beyond the understandable limitations of those two instruments. Anxious to remove himself from the singer/songwriter label, so tarnished at present in Ireland, 2005 saw him begin to experiment with his own unique style of music, blending looped vocals and guitar parts with a pulsating rhythms, hypnotic baselines and a soaring lead vocal line. Throughout 2006, and as a direct result of numerous Live performances in venues around Dublin such as the Cobblestone, Sin E, Thomas Reads, Slatterys and others, he began to perform these songs live with the help of some clever engineering and numerous pedals. That said, what you hear on his records is what you get live, which is extremely inportant to the artist himself. The intention of the music is to stay on the right side of experimental, hopefully allowing it to be as accessible as possible to those who listen to it. Flinders first E.P, The Ground Floor, is due for release at the begining of May, but previews of the tracks are available on and his new website
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