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As Moments Go
Nearly Always
Monsters & Make-Believe

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From the dark and sadistic ‘Protected’ to the mind-twistingly catchy ‘The Sweetest Thing’; from the downright simplicity of ‘Blue Eyes’ to the spine-tingling harmonies of ‘Monsters & Make-Believe’; edgar has re-invented the music wheel – and it affords a smoother musical journey than was ever before imaginable...

edgar isn’t about complexity – it’s about throwing some ideas out to the world in a musical format and letting the listener decide.

‘...there are no hard and fast rules to writing a good song – just make it worthwhile, make it good!...’ edgar

edgar heaton came into being somewhere on the Dublin/Kildare border in early 2004 with the sole intention of self-recording a bunch of songs they would be proud to call their own.

Drawing inspiration from sex, fame and failed relationships to name but a few, edgar always displays a hint of fun coupled, quite often, with brutal honesty.

Now, with the original bunch of songs recorded and the results showing huge promise, edgar has decided it’s time to bring the music to the people...

edgar continues to write new songs on an ongoing basis.

Build it and they will come?

Play it - and they just might listen...

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