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edenfire. Since 2003. Based in Dublin Heavy Metal | genre | genre
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Members: 4
Members Names:
Paul Murphy, Tony Murphy, Micheal Biggs, Kevin Connolly
Metallica, in flames, trivium, pantera

contact name:Paul Murphy
phone: 0863313216
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Edenfire started around three years ago as the brainchild of Ken Woodlock,Greg Fox and Paul Murphy with the idea for big things and big songs. Previously schoolfriends they decided that they should start a band as Paul has just picked up his first guitar, and Ken was alredy pretty experienced on the fretboard. They had a few jamming sessions with some bassists until Tony Murphy found out how fuckin awesome bass guitar is. So the search for a bassists was complete. After a year or so of improving playing skills Ken had bigger carp to fry so Paul,Tony and Skregs decided to persue the band further. After enlisting the help of many musical friends the band still amounted to nothing.But in March of 2005 Tony played a local talent show with Micheal Biggs, a shred happy guitar player,and played under the name Edenfire. Our line-up has recently become even stronger when Kev Connolly was asked to join the band recently because our previous drummer had left to play with a different band. Kev attends Ballyfermot rock school with Tony and is definitely the drummer we've been looking for since the start. for the last couple of months we have bennwriting and bouncing ideas until our first two songs have been recorded(albeit unfinished,but recorded nonetheless).And theres "plenty more shit where that came from" as they say!!!
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